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The Future Leader Award Power-100

The Most Influential Muslim Trailblazer In The World

The Muslim 100 Power list is compiled by Power 100, the research and analytical arm of The British Publishing Company.

The Power 100 list is one of the most important events of its kind which will honour only the very highest levels of achievement from within the international Muslim community and positively promote the outstanding contribution made by Muslim men & women on a local, national and international level.

A pioneering, unique and prestigious initiative, The Muslim 100 names will include British based Muslim Powerbrokers and the Global Muslim men and women of influence from many Muslim countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Malaysia etc.
The Muslim 100 event provides an insight into the minds of Britain’s top Muslim leaders and powerbrokers. These men and women have forged unique paths, battling odds in the process whilst managing to bring about deep-rooted change. They are disruptors and innovators who are able to create lasting legacies and have proven themselves on all levels both within the British and International arena. With over 33,000 nominations from over 14 countries.

‘Sajid Rashid BEM’ was crowned winner bagging one of the biggest awards on the night : ‘The Future Leaders Award’

presented to him by Dr Hany El Banna: making him the most influential muslim trailblazer in the world. His citation and reasoning behind this award:

“In any society the presence of highly successful figures able to create and exercise a wealth of power and influence is a fundamental necessity. These individuals are leaders, able to steer opinion and action towards the most positive possible outcomes in economic, social or cultural contexts. They are people who, either through position or personality exercise a significant power that influences events and sets parameters in the conduct of their organisation, the climate of political debate and the shaping of new ideas.

The Power 100 recognises the most influential young trailblazers internationally; whose exceptional work makes an enormous and essential contribution to the wealth, health and intellectual well-being of their respective countries.”