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S ajid Rashid BEM is a multi-award winning philanthropist; the 'Youngest' Muslim ever to receive a British Empire Medal (BEM) from Her Majesty the Queen on the New Year’s Honours List 2016 for services to the community as well as charitable fundraising. He also received a British Citizens Award Medal (BCA) from the Westminster Palace for improving British Society.


Sajid is a highly motivated time served aero-engineer with an extensive background in Aerospace. Starting his career at the age of 16, Sajid joined Rolls-Royce plc with a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and has been working there ever since.. Read More.


Sajid began his community work at the age of 14, starting off as a volunteer for Staffordshire Youth Service and worked his way up to becoming a Millennium Volunteer where he was on the board of committee and provided funding for youth centres in the region of Staffordshire.



  • Friend/Colleague
    “I wish to nominate Sajid a friend and colleague of more than 5 years. Sajid and I have worked together on many fund-raising events over the years and he never ceases to impress me. He is easily the most compassionate person I know-the kind of person who goes out of his way to help the less fortunate every day. He is an inspiration to many people and works tirelessly to improve the situation for others less fortunate than himself. I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Sajid. He is an absolutely fantastic role model and inspiration for the young generation and has inspired so many youngsters and has positively impacted the community with his ambitious relentless drive and motivation.”
  • K Legal Solicitors
    "I'm voting for Sajid Rashid because he is a rare and incredible example and role model for his community and a much needed one! He is able to inspire and motivate young people who really need positive male role models. He is able to do this by having accomplished so much at such a young age! He has an excellent academic background, is a qualified pilot, works for charitable causes and undertakes a renowned role at the prestigious firm, Rolls Royce. Having recently acquired a BEM from the queen, it goes without saying that he is a truly worthy and much deserving winner of this national award. I wish there were more positive role models like him!"
    K Legal Solicitors
  • Nexus Recruitment
    "I would like to nominate Sajid Rashid because he is a role model to all young people who strive to achieve the best results. He always shows great enthusiasm and professionalism in the work he carries out. He has transformed and united communities from the various mixed communities within Staffordshire. Hes a do'er who has taken the risk of managing the centre and picking up the pieces to build a newer, better and safer community."
    Nexus Recruitment
  • Rolls-Royce plc (Head of Community Investment & Education Outreach)
    "Sajid is an inspirational young man who is committed to making a positive impact in the communities in which he lives (charity fund raising) and in which Rolls-Royce operates (helping to inspire and shape young people through STEM Ambassador engagements). Through both what he does and how he does it Sajid would offer much to this award. We are particularly challenged on diversity in the STEM sector (recognised through government in particular on Apprenticeships) and recognition of Sajid by the British Muslim Awards would help him make an even greater impact across the world of STEM and beyond."
    Rolls-Royce plc (Head of Community Investment & Education Outreach)
  • Rolls-Royce plc (Education Outreach Manager)
    “We are very proud of Sajid's achievements and in particular his energy and commitment to fundraising and making a difference to the community. We are particularly pleased that he is becoming a STEM ambassador for Rolls-Royce and will be a fantastic role model for young people from all backgrounds, demonstrating what can be achieved and blowing away stereotypes associated with engineering and engineers. "
    Rolls-Royce plc (Education Outreach Manager)